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Institute of Corporate Directors Research Center

No. 531 Justice Mohamed Street Menlo Park Pretoria

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DEVELOPMENT TRAINING- Institute of Corporate Directors Research Center runs extensive range of courses, conferences, seminars, development programs, and services specifically designed by Directors for Directors and other staff members in the organization. 2019 programs are designed to help improve your personal and professional effectiveness. Dynamic and professional Boards of Directors have collective responsibility to ensure that individual members of staff remain effective and to perform at optimum level

COURSES- Industry leading short courses and development programs in South Africa, Programs range from one to two weeks. Designed from the Directors viewpoint, our center is an ideal forum for meeting other directors and expanding your personal network. The institute’s new development program will equip you directors, your subordinates with all new round skills, Knowledge, and understanding essential for successfully directing your organization from a strategic perspective. The opportunity of working class and professionals to once again enhance knowledge through formal development has never been better. Unfortunately, for many working adults, the pressure and demands of life around work, along with commitments involved in maintaining a career form insurmountable obstacles to returning to a class room. Recognizing these dilemmas, Institute of Corporate Directors Research Center was founded to offer a wide variety of development training program that do not place usual constraint. ICDRC is committed to offering development education in the most convenient and effective format available, in order to afford participants to earn a brain development certification. As a traditional development center for Directors, programs have been developed to take into consideration the wealth of knowledge gained through and individuals’ work and life experiences. Now, that you are serious about developing your people and yourself for better human asset and organizational growth. We at the Institute of Corporate Directors Research Center are waiting to put you in the seat to grow.

APPLICATIONS- Programs offered by Institute of Corporate Directors Research Center are available to participants with grants, management support or own sources of funding.

VISAS- All prospective participants should ensure that they have valid passports (3 months to expiration) and appropriate visas for South Africa, Kampala, Tanzania, Dubai and Denmark for the purpose of study visits.

COURSE DATES- Our Courses will commence in January 2019 and end in December 2019. Therefore, inform the admission secretariat of the date (month) you conveniently wish to start your program of choice.

BOARD & ACCOMODATION- Institute of Corporate Directors Research Center has identified a number of suitable accommodations located within the quiet city of Pretoria, Kampala, Dubai and Copenhagen with adequate security, moderate, and low charge rates and meals to suit participants’ cultural diversity.

FEES SETTLEMENT- Payment can be made in the following forms: Telegraphic Transfers, Traveler’s Cheques, and Bank Guaranteed Cheques in the denominations: US$, Euro, British Pounds, and SA Rand only.

 Dubai and Copenhagen Programs will only be accepted to run when at least more than three are attending.

2 WEEKS PROGRAMMES                                            AMOUNT IN US$

Dubai and Copenhagen Cost                                               4650.00



PRETORIA SOUTH AFRICA                                                 3850.00   



Dubai and Copenhagen                                                      3200.00



South Africa  3350.00

South Africa  2250.00

Kampala-Uganda  3350.00

Kampala- Uganda  2250.00

Kigali Rwanda      3350.00

Kigali Rwanda    2250.00

Tanzania              3350.00

Tanzania            2250.00

Seychelles          3350.00

Seychelles        2250.00

Ghana Accra       3350.00

 Ghana Accra       2250.00