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Institute of Corporate Directors Research Center

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Institute of Corporate Directors Research Canter has so far conducted applied research  for the following Government Institution in Africa  to mention but a few in a number of areas covering from Projects, Strategic Management, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Procurement Management and Risk, Derivative Risk Management, Risk in Social Security Fund, Lean Finance, Risk in Banking Supervisions and Audit: the depth of the above areas speaks for itself.
Therefore we guarantee you our expertise in all Management, Financial, Procurement, and Audit, IT and Projects etc. and research areas. Below are a few of the companies and Parastatals.

1.       Ministry of Education Zambia

2.       Ministry of Finance Zambia

3.       Zambian AIDS     Commission

4.       Ministry of Health Mozambique

5.       Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority

6.       Tanzania Insurance Authority

7.       Public Procurement Regulatory Authority

8.       Office of the Prime Minister RALG Tanzania

9.       Prime Minister’s Office Tanzania

10.   Ministry of Communication and Technology

11.   Ministry of Natural Resources Tanzania

12.   Ministry of Finance Tanzania

13.   Kenya Retirement Authority

14.   Ministry of Finance Uganda

15.   Inter Consult Ltd Tanzania

16.   Institute of Security Studies South Africa

17.   Bugema University Uganda

18.   Uganda Concrete Limited

19.   Bank of Tanzania

20.    Auditor general Office Uganda


Local Presence

Our geographic presence gives us the knowledge and agility to provide the best possible service to our clients wherever they are located.

Side by Side with Our Clients

We quickly establish close working relationships with our clients, beneficiaries, and stakeholders and are agile and resourceful in developing innovative and practical solutions. We build trust, commitment and skills as we work and this means progress is owned and sustained locally.